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Friday, 25 February 2011


This is a children's story based on folklore in the village of Wybunbury. She is used to warn children of the dangers of Wybunbury Moss. The tale was probably started because of the duckweed that grew in the water, it could wrap itself around the leg of an adult or a child's body and pull them under.

Other areas in Cheshire and Shropshire have their own Nellie. This water spirit have been given the names GINNY GREENTEETH, JEANNIE GREENTEETH, WICKED JENNY and PEG O NELL.

Jenny and other names are known generally around Britain. She is a river hag, sometimes described as an ugly, old woman. Some have green skin with long hair and sharp teeth. They all live in dangerous, watery places. Adults use this tale to warn children about the dangers of playing by such places.

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