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Friday, 11 February 2011


This tale involves a couple who should have been looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together but their wedding plans ended with the death of the bride to be.

Mary Pemberton was a 19 year old chamber maid from Leftwich Old Hall and Samuel Thorley was a local farm labourer. They had met at the annual Witton Wakes and had been goinig out with eachother for 18 months.

The couple were planning a spring wedding in 1777 and then they were going to rent a small cottage from Samuel's employer, Mr Ted Leather.

One Sunday evening, Mary had not returned back to Old Leftwich Hall and her employers thought she had been caught up in the thunder storm and she had stayed at her aunty's house in Northwich. But by the following day, they went to her aunty's house and then found out that her boyfriend, Samuel, hadnt reported for work either. People started to think that the couple had eloped to Gretna Green and as the couple were both well respected in the area, no body thought anyelse but that they had gone to get married and they would return a few days later.

But six days later, a gruesome discovery was made. Mary's body was found in a willow bed on land belonging to Mr George Gorst. A search was started for Samuel. A couple of people reported that they had seen Mary and Samuel arguing by these willow beds a few days before.

Ten days later, Samuel walked into Chester Castle looking tired, dirty and unkempt. He told them he had walked from Northwich and had been living rough in Delamere Forest. He admitted to killing Mary. He explained that they had quarrelled over wedding plans and in a fit of temper he had strangled her.

Samuel's trail took place at Chester and he was hung on April 10th, 1777. His corpse was then gibbeted.

This murder shocked the town because both Mary and Samuel were so well thought of. A local ballad of Samuel was later sung by girls in Northwich.

Little remains today to reming us of the murder. Leftwich Old Hall was demolished and a farm house was built on its site but ghost stories and reports of strange happenings fill this area.
More tales to come.

Since writing this tale, I have come across another version. I have included this other version in my PRIESTY FIELDS section.

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