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Saturday, 26 February 2011


This tale carrys on from my Vale Royal Abbey blog story.

This Grange was once owned by Vale Royal Abbey. It was one of their farms.

The Grange appears under this name for the first time in 1325/6, when the Abbots servants seized 50 pigs that were feeding in a local wood without permission. These pigs were taken to the Grange of Knytes. This was written in one of the abbots ledgers.

The name refers to the young men who worked on the farm. They normally lived in or near to the abbey but they didnt take their full vows. They were more labourers.

By the end of the Middle Ages, it was let as a working farm. It continued to be let until 1912 when it was sold by auction to raise money for Lord Delamere's trips to Kenya. It had been in this family since 1616 when Lady Mary Cholmondeley bought the Vale Royal estate. Lady Cholmondeley probably was responsible for the building of the brick mansion you see today. It is one of the oldest brick buildings in the country. It is also said that she loved this building and one of her favourites.

It went through the ownership of Tom Platt and then Edwin Hopley until Winsford UDC bought it in 1972. The old farmhouse is now a public house and land also forms a sports centre owned by Vale Royal Borough Council.

There is a legend of tunnels leading to the old Vale Royal Abbey and the ghost of Ida the nun has been seen here.


Albert Stanley was the landowner in 1903-04. His daughter was meeting a young man. Albert thought that this young man was not good enough for his daughter and he went after them. There was an accident (or was it) and Albert shot the young man dead. His daughter never forgave her father.


I have conducted an investigation here and we did come across a few weird events.

--- I had a couple of stones thrown at me while I was on my own in the loft.
--- a fellow investigator saw a hooded clocked figure downstairs
--- we all got the feeling that we were being watched.

Other activity reported here are

--- Ida the nun has been seen sitting on a chair by the front door
--- tables and chairs heard moving across the stone floor
--- a woman seen upstairs (some say it is Lady Cholmondeley)
--- shadowery figures
--- pool balls move on their own

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Talk iLunna said...

The knights templar owned a small Abbey in Darnhall just outside winsford cheshire and the monks who lived with them built vale royal abbey and the story goes on and on the secrets have never been told .