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Friday, 11 February 2011


Cheshire is full of magic and mystery, even today. Local legends and tales from the past still have an important role in the lives of people here. The Green Man is not just from this area but all over the world as well. His normal image is that of a male face with leaves and foliage for his hair and beard. Some show twigs coming out of his mouth. As the Green Man can appear in different images,
the three most common are these ..........................

THE FOLIATE HEAD ....... covered in green leaves as if he is peering through the leaves

THE DISGORGING HEAD .... spewing vegetation out from his mouth

THE BLOODSUCKER HEAD ... sprouts vegetation from all facial orifices

The Green Man's head appears in many churches, chapels, abbeys, cathedrals, pub names and now a days in art form, such as wooden carvings, metal work and stained glass.

Other names known for the Green Man include JACK IN THE GREEN, JOHN BARLEYCORN, THE GREEN KNIGHT, ROBIN GOODFELLOW, HERNE THE HUNTER and ROBIN HOOD (I will talk about him in another section).

The Green Man is a fertility symbol. He is the spirit of nature, rebirth and good over bad. He is closely associated with Mother Nature as the Celtic tribes (and many others) beleived that all life emerged from her. This goddess was later called BRIDGET or BRIGHIT. She later became Christianised as MARY (this name is a derivation of MARIAN and made into the form of a maid or virgin). The Green man is sometimes associated with a band of male followers called MERRYMAKING MEN, now Morris Dancers.

Can we see a pattern, two important figures, male and female, and a band of male followers. How many times have we come across this during our history wether its religous or folklore.

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