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Friday, 25 February 2011


Barthomley is home to a few wonderful tales. Thers the ancient burial ground, a prince turned hermit, a massacre, a large black dog and a ghostly white lady. These are all located around the church and the White Lion public house.

In the Domesday Survey, Barthomley was listed as Bertemelev. The Church (St Bertoline) is situated on a mould, known as Barrow Hill, this is an ancient burial ground. The church is dedicated to an 8th century saint who performed a miracle here. He was an Mercian Prince turned hermit.

On December 23rd 1643, Royalist forces attacked a group of villagers. They ran and hid in the church tower. The Officer in charge of the troops, Major Connaught, ordered a fire to be made of wood and rushes at the foor of the tower. This smoked the villagers out. As these poor villages left the tower, twelve of them were slaughtered. Major Connaught was tried for murdering several people in the church. His trial focussed on the death of just one of these villagers --- JOHN FOWLER. It is said that the Major struck a battleaxe across the left side of John Fowler's head, a fatal blow. The Major was found guilty and he was hung at Boughton, Chester on the afternoon of Tuesday 17th October 1654. He went to the scaffold protesting his innocence.

The LADY IN WHITE is said to haunt the church field and around the church. Who is she and why does she stay here? The white lady or sometimes known as grey lady is associated with the loss of a loved one either a husband, lover or a child. There is a story that she belonged to one of the large families in the area. When she died, there was no room in the churchyard, so land by the old rectory was quickly comsumated by the vicar and she was buried there. But surely, if she came from a large important family, she would have already have a family plot. Perhapes she had been a loved family servant?

Another sightening is a large black hound. This roams the old rectory drive (where the village hall is today) and around the churchyard. This hound was beleived to be a portent of evil or the hound of hell. These hounds of hell are said to forsee death and collect the souls of the person near to death. This hound could also be a Graveyard ghost. This spirit is beleived to have special abilities. It is normally the first body to be buried in a churchyard and it then would return to guard the area against the Devil. There are many black dog sightenings across the country, that roam churchyards and near churches. Perhapes these faithful dogs are still guarding the final resting places of the people buried here.


This inn dates from 1614. It is one of the original inns in Cheshire. Originally belonging to Sir Randulph Crewe, whose family emblem, the silver lion, gave the pub its name.

The Manor Polls show that the Parish Clerks lived and sold ale here as early as the 16th Century and an old lease referred to this pub as The Clerk's Cottage. It was also used by the Court Leet and Court Baron of John Crewe and rents were collected from here.

There have been a few reported paranormal events in this pub including ------
--- an old farmer wearing a beige smock, he had a round face and a beard seen standing on top of the stairs. He spoke and said "is this yours"
--- smoke rings have been seen upstairs
--- people have been touched
--- tapping and knocking sounds
--- doors open and close, also lock on their own
--- shadows seen
--- a man has been seen sitting at one of the tables in the pub, only to disappear
--- a man hung himself in the pub and he has been felt


My group investigated this area and the pub. Apart from a few "orbs", we found nothing outside.

Inside the pub, we caught this photo of a mist, one member had her leg tickled and we did get a strange reaction to a pendulum experiment.

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