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Saturday, 26 February 2011


Like other area's of the British Isles, Cheshire has tales about fairies. Belief in these has wained over the years esp as more and more homes are built to house our growing population, old little villages are becoming more like towns. But there are still people out there that still believe or are just a little too scared not to carry on the tradition, just in case.

There are many areas across Cheshire that is supposed to house fairy folk. Many ancient burial mounds or tumulus are said to be guarded by these little people.

Another sign is a circle of grass that is both a different colour and texture to the rest of the area. These are known as a Fairy Ring. It is beleived that fairy's met here and hold dances. There are a couple of rules to follow if you fing one of these rings ------

---- Dont damage the area
--- Dont sit in this area, esp on May Eve, Midsummer's Eve and All Hallow's Eve because you could find yourself in the fairy realm, never to return.
--- always acknowldge them as you walk pass either by nodding your head or saying hello, bad luck will befall you if you dont.

But if you wish to see the little people, it is said you can if you run around the ring nine times, clockwise, on a full moon.

Many areas in Cheshire have fairy glen's or fairy hills. Around Toot Hill in Macclesfield Forest, some farmers leave food out for the fairies before a field is ploughed or harvested.

In Ince, their local church is built on the site of a Norman Chapel but the local legend is that the original builders wanted the church built on the other side of the village. During the day, the builders worked hard but at night, the fairies would come and move the stones to where the church stands today. After some time, the builders agreed to build the church where the fairies wanted it.

There is a similar story at Bramall Hall at Stockport. About half a mile from the Hall, there is an area known as Crow Holt Wood or Fairiy Wood. This was where the hall was originally planned to be built. But again as the bilders worked during the day, the fairies removed the timbers and stones during the night. And this is why Bramall Hall is built in its present location.

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