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Tuesday, 25 January 2011


This tale is about the brutal murder of wealthy farmer George Morrey on 11th April 1812.

We all know about Lady Chatterley and her lover. Well this is the real life version and based in Cheshire.

George's wife, Edith Morrey and their servant, John Lomas, had been having an affair for quite some time. Edith enjoyed the lifestyle her husband gave her but she still required the attentions of a younger man.

Edith found out she was pregant and one theory was that her husband may not have been able to have children and when he found out she was with child. He may have tried to send her away and treathened divorce. Edith may have even thought of killing her husband before he found out about the baby and planned to live with her lover. Maybe John had heard the couple rowing and this murder had not been planned. He may have thought he hwas protecting his loved one and things got out of control.

Whatever happened, on April 11th 1812, George was found on his bedroom floor, his throat had been slashed with a razor and his head almost decapitated by an axe.

John Lomas confessed to the murder but also told police that Edith had stood holding a candle telling him what to do.

After being arrested, Edith attempted to cut her own throat but she was saved by the local surgeon.

They were both found guilty and sentenced to hang. But Edith's date with the hangman was postponed for four months until the birth of her son.

After their executions at Chester, both lovers had their bodies used in the interests of medical science and Edith's body was put on public view but minus her heart.

Over the years, some people had sympathy for John as many felt he had been seduced by such a wicked lady and perhapes he was protecting his unborn child. But no sympathy for Edith.

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