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Friday, 26 February 2010

Murder Lane, Hough, Nr Crewe

This country lane in the Hough is known locally as Murder Lane but it is called Back Lane. As you might have guessed, it was the scene of a murder and the ghost of a gentleman without his head is said to walk down this lane.

This gentleman's name was Richard Davies senior. He was a 50 year old and father to eight children. His job was a tailor, draper, property owner and part time bookmaker.
A picture was painted of a quick-tempered and violent husband. He beat his wife and children.

On Saturday January 25th 1890, Mary Davies (wife) and two of her sons - Richard (18yrs) and Arthur (6yrs) were at home, when George (16yrs) came running into the house. He told his mother that two men had attacked both him and his father while they were travelling home on their pony and trap. Mary sent for John (her married son) and he brought his neighbour back with him. With George and Richard, they went to find their father.

The body of Richard Davies snr, lay in a pool of blood under a hedge, a quarter of a mile from his home. John told George to get the village blacksmith and Richard to get the police. After Richard reported to the police, he went to his sister's home. She lived in Crewe, over the families tailoring and drapery business with another brother, Frederick (10yrs) and Richard Davies's father,

Richard returned to the murder scene just before the police. Inspector Alfred Oldham informed Superintendent Jesse Leah, Head of the Nantwich Division of Cheshire Police. He arrived at 4am and took control. The police did not beleive the brothers story and Richard and George were both charged with the murder of their father. It was then that they turned on eachother. On Thursday January 30th 1890, they were charged with murder.

The inquest started at The White Hart Inn (next door to the Davies house). Dr Frank Matthews, the Nantwich surgeon who carried out the post mortem, told the coroner that he had found 10 seperate head wounds. The skull had been fractured in 6 places, anyone of them would have caused death. The inquest jury returned a verdict that Richard Davies had been murdered by person or persons unknown.

George and Richard Davies after entering pleas of Not Guilty, were formally committed for trail at Chester.

During the trail, the jury heard about how Richard Davies snr beat his wife and children. How he mistreated them and his hot and cruel temper. They also heard how Richard (son) left the house unseen and hid in Back Lane until the pony and trap with his father and brother came to him.

The jury was also told that the murder weapon had been a lather's hammer (one was missing from the shop).

The two brother's were found guilty even though not one member of the jury could tell who had killed their father.

Numerous petitions were sent to The Home Secretary. It is claimed that over 50,000 signatures signed these petitions including Churchmen, MPs and members of the press.

No one will ever know what really happened. Richard Davies died on the scaffold on Tuesday April 8th 1890. But George was given a 20yr prison sentance. Was that because he was younger?
On Saturday April 1st 1905, George was released from Parkhurst Prison after serving 15yrs. He never returned home.


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