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Friday, 26 February 2010

The Horned Woman of Sauhall, Nr Chester.

The photo above was taken of Mrs Mary Davies in 1668 aged 72 years. And yes, you are seeing hornes growing out of her head.

Mary had lived all her life in Saughall. She married Henry Davies and they lived on a farm. Henry unfortually died and Mary practiced the business of a midwife.

Mary started getting headaches, swelling and soreness in her head. This was put down to wearing a tight hat for so long. This continued for five more years until she noticed two lumps either side of her head. These grew into horns. These fell off and Mr Huson, minister of Shotwick kept them. But two more grew back. An English Lord had one of these horns and gave them to a French King. A third pair grew back and these were given to Sir Willoughby Aston. Now this all started when Mary was sixty years old and over the next twelve years, Mary grew up to four pairs of horns. When the fourth pair grew, Mary was taken to Charing Cross Hospital at London.

At the age of 72 years, Mary's fourth pair of horns came off and were preserved in the Ashmolean and British Museums. She also had thre portraits done. These were kept at Doddington Hall and two at The British Museum.

In London, Mary caused quite a sensation and she is Saughall's most famous inhabitant.

I do not have any details about how, when and where Mary died. If anyone knows, please let me know.

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