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Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Great Fire of Nantwich

We have all heard about The Great Fire of London. But a little closer to home, in Nantwich, it suffered a simular fate.

On the 10th December 1583, a large part of Nantwich was destroyed in flames. It started at 4.15am in the kitchen of Mr Nicholas Brown in High Street. He was brewing ale and set fire to his kitchen. As you can imagine, the fire soon spread.

During the next 15hours, 600 buildings were destroyed. This included homes, outbuildings, shops, inns and stables.

The people of Nantwich ran back and forth from the river fetching water in little leather buckets. They formed a human chain from the river and into the town. Some people tried to pull the burning thatch off the roofs. But most people paniced. Many died, some from getting caught up in the mass panic in the streets, some were burnt to death trying to retrieve their belongings, others died trying to rescue neighbours or friends.

You can imagine the scene, the fire leaping from building to building, smoke and ash everywhere, the sreams of the dying lying on the floor, other people shouting for help and animals let out to save them.

The first recorded death from the fire was Mrs Anne Lovatt. She was part of the human chain fetching water. The wall of a partly burnt building fell on her. She was flattened and burnt to death.

Flames and crashing down buildings were not the only hazzards to watch out for that day. The Landlord of The Bear Inn did keep four bears in his cellar. He kept these for the terrible entertainment of bear baiting. These poor animals were kept on chains and teased by dogs. The landlord released these bears during the fire. These confused and terrified bears ran loose through the town. If the people of Nantwich didnt have enough to deal with, they now had four enormous bears running around and attacking people. A young woman called Maggie Duckworth came across these animals. She ran off screaming and her burnt corpse was found a couple of days later.

Another victim of the fire was an elderly widow named Alice Blagge.

This is known as The Queens Aid house and has a plaque informing us of what Queen Elizabeth did for the town.

Queen Elizabeth 1st heard about the fire and sent £1,000 to help with the rebuilding of the town. She also gave permission for wood to be taken out of Delamere Forest.

The weirdist part of this tale is that on Monday 9th December 1583, every cat in Nantwich left the town in a mass exodus. A few months later, they returned.
Was this a strange case of animals sensing the disaster before it happened?

Churches Mansion is one of the few buildings that survived the fire.

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