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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Ghostly Nun in Willaston, Nr Nantwich

Cheshire is full of ghostly sightings of nuns and monks. I will cover the locals Abbeys and Nunnery's in Cheshire later in my blog. But this next tale is a little strange.

In the small hours of October 15th 1987, two women were travelling from Winsford into Crewe. They were travelling on the A530 road. They saw a woman dressed in black standing in a layby next to a Volkswagen beetle car. The girls felt sorry for this lady and believing she had broken down, pulled up next to her.

Once next to her, the girls realised that this woman was dressed as an nun. She looked elderly. The girl's offered the nun a lift. The nun agreed and said she wanted to be dropped off by a slip road before Willaston.

The girls tried to start a conversation with the nun, as they travelled but the nun wasn't the talking type. The girls were even starting to think if this woman was in fact a real nun, afterall it isn't everyday you see a nun dressed in the black robe you always think of. Was she in fancy dress?

All of a sudden, the nun suddenly declared that "there was a terrible storm on the way. It is going to cause terrible damage and kill people".

The two girls looked at eachother, then one of them asked the nun if they were near her turn off yet. As she turned round, she couldnt believe her eyes. The nun had disappeared. The only trace of her left behind was a faint smell if incense.

The girls arrived at their friend's house in Crewe and told her of the strange encounter with the nun and the terrible storm she told them about.

The next day, the girl's telephoned the police about their experience and to report the abandoned Volkswagen beetle on the hard shoulder of the A530. As you can imagine, the police were rather amused with the story but did promise to send someone to look for the car. Nothing was found and no one had been towed.

Later that day, the worst storm to hit Britain for two centuries hit our shores. It killed 19 people and caused £1.5 billion worth of damage. Do you remember Michael Fish told the whole country that there would be no storm and the weather would be calm.

Who was the nun?
How did she know about the storm?
Where was she going and where had she come from?

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