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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The murder of Marie Bradshaw.

This is a sad tale from not so long ago. There may be a few people who remember this happening or know about the people involved. If so, if they know anything about this, please get in contact with me.

This murder/love story comes from Crewe.

George and Marie Bradshaw lived in Bury,Lancs and had been married since 1948. They had two children, a boy and girl. But George had many affairs and by the middle of 1953, their marriage was in trouble.

It was around this time that Marie started her affair with Milton Taylor ( a farm labour).

By January 1954, George and Marie had had a fight and George left. He returned home a few days later, only to find Marie and Milton in bed together. Of course a row broke out and this time Marie left with Milton. She left her children behind and went to live with Milton in a flat in Underwood Lane, Crewe.

On the 20th February 1954, George found out where they lived and went to plea for his wife to return home. He went to the flat only to find that they had gone out but he was told that they had gone for a walk in Queen's Park.

He found them in the park and pleaded with his wife to go back home with him. She told him that she was expecting Milton's baby and that the only way she would return home to him was in a box. This would prove to be so true. If only she had known, would she had returned home to her children. George left them both in the park and returned home to Bury.

That night, Marie and Milton packed up their belongings at the flat and caught the last bus to Nantwich. WHY? Did they fear that George would return? They must have feared something cause they left without having anywhere else to go. They spent that night in an isolated farm hut just off the Middlewich road. We dont know what happened in that hut but it was Marie's last night alive.

About 10am, the following day, Milton ran to an agricultural hostel in Park road, Nantwich and told a local farm worker John Lee Mann that he had killed Marie. Milton was upset and crying. He showed John his blooded hands and cried " Im in trouble, I have killed Marie, I strangled her". He explained that he strangled her with his tie. But where did the blood come from? He even told John what time he had killed Marie, about 8.30am that morning.

John Mann took him to Nantwich Police Station. Sergant T.S.Shone and Inspector H.A.Murray went to find Marie's body and returned at 4.30pm. They charged Milton with murder.

The trail started on 2nd June 1954 at Chester. Milton pleaded not guilty because hid counsel Edmund Davies QC claimed that Milton was not in his correct state of mind.

Milton was found guilty and he was hung at Walton Prison, Liverpool on 29th June 1954.

Marie's body was returned to her husband and so that her statement that she screamed out to her husband in Queen's Park on their last meeting came true. She returned in a coffin.

There is a ghost story of a white lady around the park and these spectre's are associated with sorrow and loss of a loved one esp a child. Does Marie still visit her last place of happiness and moarn the loss of her unborn child and the two children she left behind.

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