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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Ghostly Fire.

This next tale comes from the west of Nantwich, near to the Shropshire Union Canal.

On a foggy evening in December 1959. A man from Wrexham was visiting a family member in Acton. His cousin lived on a farm a mile away and so he decieded to walk over there and see him.

As he walked down a lane, he saw a farmhouse/cottage on fire. Worried that it could be his cousin's house, he ran towards it. As he reached the property, he saw a woman wearing a shawl. She screamed at him "my baby is in there. Please save him". He fought his way through the smoke and flames but had to leave the property. He emerged out of the smoke only to find that the woman had gone. He passed out and when he came to, a short time later, he found himself in an open field. No flames, smoke or burnt out building to be seen. The fog had also cleared.

He made his way to his cousin's house but by this time it was 3am.

The following day, this gentleman and his cousin were enjoying a pint in a local pub, they were talking about what had happened and were overheard by the landlady. She told them that over a hundred years ago, a cottage had burnt down killing the baby son of a farmer. The mother had tried to save her baby. The farmer was not at home because he had been visiting his mistress. In fact, many suspected hat he had started the fire to kill his wife and the baby. The farmer claimed that the baby was not his. The landlady also told them that many other people had seen the phantom fire while crossing the field where the cottage had stood.

I will look into this tale and find out as much info as I can. I will try and find the exact position of the cottage and send in my team for a paranormal investigation.

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