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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

William Buckley

This story does extend out of Cheshire (just a little). It goes all the way to Australia but I have included it in my blog because William was a local lad and its a great tale.

William Buckley was born in the late 18th century. He was the son of a Macclesfield farmer. He was a tall man standing at 6ft 5ins. He volunteered for The King's Own Regiment of Foot. He was said to be plucky and brave.
Unfortunaly, William fell in with a bad crowd. He was tried at Chatham accused of attempting to murder The Duke of Kent.
He was found guilty. He was initially put to work on fortifications at Woolwich.
At the age of 23yrs, he was transported to Port Phillip in New South Wales. He travelled on board The Calcutta. He was to labour as a mechanic.
I wonder what had been going through his mind at this point. He had been such a good solider, then the trouble, getting use to goal life and now travelling to another country. In fact, I dont know if he had even been guilty in the first place.

William did not take to this new life and planned his escape early on. With three comrades, they made their escape. One of his friends was shot and killed straight away. William never wanted to be a captive again and when his two friends returned to the settlement, William continued through the wild bush. Days passed but even without food and water, he continued.
Almost dead, he collapsed by the grave of an aborigine chief. The chief's widow visited the grave and was convinced that her husband had returned from the grave in the form of this giant white man.
There was great rejoicing at the village and William was made chief. They were said to be wild and they practised cannablism. Wise move on his part he stayed.
William stayed with the tribe for 32yrs.

In 1835, William was found by the founders of Melbourne. It is said that he only spoke a few words of English but he soon learnt this again.

After the authorities found out who he was, they granted him a free pardon and he acted as interpreter between the natives and the settlers for several years.

Buckley Falls, in Australia, is named after him and three miles from Geelong is a cave which is where he lived.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry. One correction needs to be made. He wasn't arrested and sentenced for attempted murder, but for having stolen goods in his possession (ie. stolen cloth)... But everything else is correct.