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So, sit back and enjoy my journey. This is a land of Magic, Knights, Dragons, Wizards, Witches, Boggarts, Murder, Ghosts and Old Forgotten Knowledge.

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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Tilstone Fearnall

This beautiful small village near Beeston Castle, has two wonderful ghost stories.
I have yet to pay a visit here but I will soon and take photos and find out more information.
The area is full of history and of course is assosicated with The Civil war, Romans and so much more. I will add more history and tales as I go along.

The Water Mill.

Along the Shropshire Union Canal by Tilstone Lock, there is an old ruined disused water mill.
At some point during 1811 - 1816, the locals broke into this mill and smashed everything.
They hung the miller, his wife and son.

At this moment in time, no evidence can be found to prove a triple murder took place. I will continue to try and trace all names associated with the mill.

But it has been reported that strange things have happened around the mill and some say it is haunted by the miller and his family. Lights have been seen, voices have been heard like screams and strange figures have been seen.
If this is a true tale, why would a family be killed in such a way?

The tall monk.

As you enter Tilstone Fearnall on the main Nantwich - Chester road, there is a dip in the road. At the end of Rookery Lane, there is an area known as Haunted Hollow.

This area is said to have a rather tall ghost. It is a 10ft monk. It is hard to believe about the size of this spirit but there have been regualy sightenings of a monk in this area but of a more normal height.
It is relevant to add that a Saxon Abbey had been close by. It was mentioned in the Domesday Book. A later Benedictine Abbey was founded on the same site in 1093 by Hugh Lupus and dissolved in 1540. This is now Chester Cathedral. But I will write more about Chester Cathedral when I write about other Abby's and religious sites in this area later on.

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