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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Don Kinson's Oak

This legend comes from Coppenhall which is the oldest part of Crewe.

The legend starts with a young man from Crewe, who died at sea during The First World War. His name was Wood (sorry no first name).

After hearing of her son's death, his mother was found drowned in a horse trough adjacent to a tree which was known as Don Kinson's Oak. I dont know if her drowning was a tragic accident or suicide.

Following her death, a raven was seen perched on the rim of the same trough.

People believed that it was the spirit of Mrs Wood. A local grocer didn't believe this and publicly let it known. But soon after he too was found dead in the same trough.

The raven continued to be seen in this area until Canon Reed, then Vicar of Coppenhall's St Michael's church heard about this and called in the Bishop of Chester. They performed an exorcism and the raven wasn't seen again.

It is said that this particular oak is no longer at the site but there are still a few oak trees in the fields of that part of Coppenhall, so perhapes it is still there. The tree was said to be west of Oak Tree Farm, off the junction of Groby road and Warmingham road. This is where a public footpath enters the field.

As of yet, I haven't found out why this tree was called Don Kinson's Oak. If anyone knows, please let me know.

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