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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The clever Friar who outwitted the Devil

This legend takes place in Over. This is an old area in Winsford.

From the 13th century, Over parish was under the jurisdiction of Vale Royal Abbey but for some reason the Devil held a grudge against the monks.

The Devil snatched Over church away, he tore the church from its foundations and flew off with it in his arms. When the monks found out what had happened, they started to pray. A few of them rushed to the Abbey bells, to warn others as to what had happened. The Devil was scared of the holy music and suddenly dropped the church.

The monks watched in horror as their beloved church fell out of the sky. So they prayed to St Chad, to whom the church was dedicated. The church landed safely on the spot where it is now. This is supposly a mile from its former site.
The Devil was of course not happy about this and wanted revenge.

As he wondered how this would happen, he saw a Franciscan monk from Vale Royal Abbey. He was sitting by an old stone cross eating some bread and cheese (imagine Friar Tuck from the Robin Hood legends). Ahhh, thought the Devil, I can trick this monk into giving me his soul.
The monk heard a voice calling to him, "Hows your appetite?"
The monk smiled as he knew it was the Devil. He replied "Promise me whatever I want and my soul will be yours".
"Done" said the Devil and thought this was going to be easy. "I grant you three wishes"
The monk listed his wishes. He wanted good food and wine for the rest of his life. His second wish was for perfect health and good company. His third wish was for one dozen hay bales picked by the Devil from Marton Sands and nowhere else.
The Devil agreed but little did he know that hardly a blade of grass grew here but of course the monk did.

The monk lived a good life and it is said to this day, the Devil is still searching for his hay bales.

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