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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Bridget Bostock, White Witch of Coppenhall

Nearly every village can tell a tale of an elderly woman, living on their own, perhapes with a pet(like a cat). They were either liked or scared by the rest of the villagers.

Bridget Bostock was well liked and it was alleged she was able to cure all kinds of illnesses and wounds by prayer and her saliva glands. She was a healer and she would lick the wounds of the people who came to her.

Almost everything about her is shrouded in mystery. No one has ever established her official birth or death dates. But some do say she was born during the 17th century and died towards the middle of the 18th century.

She became famous for her healing powers. So famous in fact, that in 1748, the national press carried articles about her exploits. She became a nationwide figure.

At the height of her fame, she had a doorkeeper(like today's doorman) and she was seeing 5 or 6 clients at a time.

She sounds a lovely lady and I am at present trying to find out more information about her. She was a typical old woman, living on her own, who knew about herbs and healing.

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