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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Jack the Ripper


Everyone knows the story about this man who kiled prostitutes in Whitechapel and surrounding areas in London. The dates vary from about 1885 - 1892ish.
The Ripper myth has grown over the years but there is a connection with this area.
In fact there are two, one from Liverpool and one from Lymm.


George Chapman was born as Severin Antoniovich Klosowki in a Polish village of Nargornak on December 14th, 1865. He trained as a Surgeon and completed his studies in Warsaw. He moved to London during the early part of 1887.
After two marriages, fake marriages and many women he lived with, George(as he was known now) met Bes
sie Taylor. But little did she know that some women in his past had died. They married(another bogus marriage) and ran a pub, The Prince of Wales in Barthalomew Square.
Bessie soon became ill, some say from the beatings she took at the hands of George.
They moved out of London but came back in 1901 and leased The Monument Tavern.
Bessie grew worse and on Valentine's Day 1901, she died. Cause of death had been exhaustion from vomiting and diarrhoea.
George tried to kill another"wife" soon after but was arrested by Inspector Godley on October 25th 1901.

But where is the Cheshire connection?

Bessie was the daughter of Cheshire farmer, Thomas and Betsy Taylor.
Her body was brought back to Lymm and buried in a hillside cemetery with her family. The gravestone had her surname removed and re done so there is no reference to her husband.

During George's trail, Bessie's body was exhumed and it was found to contain large amounts of metallic antimony in her body.
George was charged with three counts of murder. He was hung at Wondsworth prison on April 7th, 1093.

Inspector Abberline had always believed that George Chapman was Jack the Ripper.

George Chapman must have visited Cheshire, so over 100 years ago did we have Jack the Ripper walking amongst us?

JAMES MAYBRICK (Oct 25th, 1838 - May 11th, 1889)

My second story comes from just outside Cheshire, from Liverpool.
James Maybrick was born in Liverpool and was a cotton merchant.
He travelled to America regularly and in 1871 he settled in Norfolk, America to establish an office there. In 1874, he contracted Malaria which was
treated with drugs containing arsenic. This resulted in him becoming addicted to this drug for the rest of his life.
In March 1880, James returned to Liverpool and during this six day trip, he met Florence Elizabeth Chandler. He was 42 and she was 18. They married in St James Church, Piccadilly, London and then moved to James's family home Battlecrease House, Aigburth, Liverpool. They had two children, a son and daughter. It was an unhappy marriage and they both had affairs. James also travelled a lot through work.
James's health deteriorated in April 1889 and he died on May 11th 1889.
An inquest was held and found that he had died of arsenic poisoning. Suspicion fell on Florence and she was found guilty but as I have already said, James had become addicted to arsenic. So could he have overdosed himself?

In 1992, The Ripper Diary appeared and it claimed to have belonged to James Maybrick. It takes credit for killing the 5 Ripper victims and 2 more.

Did Jack the Ripper come from Liverpool?

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