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Friday, 10 October 2008

The Wizard of Alderley Edge.

This area is steeped in history about King Arthur and the Wizard, Merlin.
King Arthur and his army is said to sleep in a cave beneath the sandstone cliffs, waiting for England to need him again.
This area also has a well with a carving of a bearded face above it and the words "Drink of this and take thy fill, For the water falls by the wizard's will. The date of this carving is unknown.

The local legend is that in the late 17th century, a farmer was on his way from Mobberley to Macclesfield Fair to sell a fine white mare. As he crossed the sandstone cliffe called Alderley Edge, he came accross an old man with a long white beard and strange clothes.
This man asked if he could buy the horse but the farmer refused. The old man smiled and said "Do as you please but you wont sell your horse at Macclesfield and this evening you will sell the horse to me".
The farmer went to Macclesfield but could not sell his horse. He returned back the way he came and was greeted by the same old man in the same place. The old man said "Follow me" and lead him to a large rock. The old man touched the rock with his staff and two large iron gates appeared and he lead the farmer and his horse into the cave.
Inside the farmer saw sleeping knights and their white horses. The old man gave the farmer a pile of gold and explained that one of the knights did not have a horse. The old man said
"Thrice England shall be lost, thrice won.
Twixt dawn of day and setting sun.
Then dabbled wings shall ravens toss
Croaking over bloodstained Headless Cross".
In short, when England needed there most brave soliders, King Arthur and his man would wake.
The farmer left the cave and ran out. He turned round but all he could see was the rock, no gates or men.


Anonymous said...

Interesting site! Ive enjoyed reading so far and look to continue!

Anonymous said...

ooh, please write more. I love reading about my local area. All the myths and legends.