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Friday, 10 October 2008

The Devil in Winsford.

The Devil has been very busy in Winsford. I am not saying that the people off this area are bad, far from it. Read these two tales and you will understand what I mean.

Over Church.

Over is a small district in Winsford and the church was ubder the control of Vale Royal Abby. The story is that the church was taken from the Abbey and carried off by the Devil. The monks prayed and cursed but failed to stop him. Suddenly, the Abbey bells pealed and the Devil was forced to drop the church as he was scared by holy music. The Abbot and his monks called upton St Chad (to whom the church was dedicated) to save the building and so it landed safely on the spot it is now.

The Franciscan Friar- Father Francis.

Imagine a Friar Tuck of Robin Hood stories. This Friar enjoyed his food and wine.
As he was eating his bread and cheese by the River Weaver, a voice called out
"Hows your appetite?"
It was the Devil and he wanted the friar's soul.
"Promise me whatever I want and it's yours" said the friar.
"Done" said the devil.
So the friar said his three wishes. He wanted good food and wine for the rest of his life. Perfect health and good company. His last wish was that the devil had to pick one dozen hay bands from Marton Sands and nowhere else. For he knew that no grass grew there.
The story goes that the frair got his wishes and he lived a good and happy life but the devil is still searching for his hay. His soul had been saved.

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